Emissions Compliant Tuning

GH Sales, LLC will not:

  • Turn off OBD codes for required emissions equipment that has been removed on any vehicle.
  • Produce tunes that have purposeful elevated emissions such as smoke tunes on diesel vehicles or “fuel backfire” tunes on gasoline vehicles or “cam lope tunes” that create elevated emissions or can damage catalytic converters.
  • Force excessive and early power enrichment on gasoline vehicles.
  • Force leaner than factory part throttle lambda (air fuel ratio) on gasoline calibrations.
  • Change a transmission calibration to allow for excessive “lugging” that creates high load, low rpm engine operating conditions.
  • Disable knock sensors on gasoline calibrations.

We have no problem turning away business for the above requests, and reiterate that all emissions related equipment must be present to properly run our calibrations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.