2011-2022 F150 3.5L

Gearhead Automotive Performance started life as a diesel tuner where they gained favor with those wanting the most refined tuning out there for the Ford Powerstroke platforms. Founder Matt Robinson chose the diesel platform for its high “power per dollar” ratio, meaning for very little money spent, the customer gained a sizeable amount of power. GH Sales was born as a merger between one of the industry’s best tuners and a distribution arm (led by Larz Bullard) to get these quality products to the masses. After the first purchase of an Ecoboost vehicle, the GH Sales partners soon realized that the power per dollar ratio was very high with this vehicle as well and began development on this exciting platform. Before the first calibration was ever sold to a customer, there had been over 2 years of development put into the platform.
Where We Differ
Gearhead tunes are built with great care to both extract maximum as well as do it with an unheard level of safely. We don’t look for every last horsepower, we look to enhance every part of the driving experience where the factory fell short. On applications that support our auto-octane feature, the customer no longer needs to worry about driving their performance tune on a long family trip or other large distance where the quality of the premium fuel is possibly suspect. Our tuning will allow for a boost reduction all the way down to stock levels if the driver decides to or accidentally puts 87 octane in the tank. No other tuner offers this feature (that we are aware of). With Gearhead tunes, you don’t get a tune that is only good for the track, or cruising, or maximum fuel economy. With Gearhead, you get a balance of everything that enhances the driving experience.
Gearhead isn’t just another tuner throwing value files into the mix and calling it custom tuning, we drive our ecoboost vehicles every day and will accept nothing less than perfection for ourselves and our customers’ vehicles. We have tried every combination of the usual parts and can inform the customer of what works and what doesn’t and we have even developed parts of our own.

Gearhead is in development of specialty parts like the first proven to work Intercooler for the Taurus SHO/Flex/Police Interceptor with the 3.5 Ecoboost. The industry has had 8 years to do something to fix one of the biggest performance impediments to these vehicles and couldn’t make it work, but Gearhead has done it and will blow everyone away with this product’s anticipated release in summer 2018. Also, our proprietary, drop-in Raptor turbo package has massive power gains without losing anything down low or causing any drivability issues. If there is something not offered on our website, just ask. We carry almost every brand of parts and can build a custom package to allow you to achieve your power dreams without breaking the bank or making your vehicle less useful than it was when it was stock.

**PLEASE NOTE: revisions to your tunes are available for 30 days after purchase – after which, you will need to purchase a tune revision package. Thank you!**

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