2010-2019 SHO/FLEX Performance Intercooler

Gearhead Exclusive Factory-Fit Performance Intercooler for 2010-2019 Taurus SHO/FLEX/MKS/MKT




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In stock form, the factory intercooler is just barely adequate to keep engine inlet temperatures in check at WOT.  Turn the power up a little, and the inadequacy of the stock intercooler quickly rears its ugly head.  For years, this major bottleneck was not addressed outside of custom builds that had to hack up the front crash structure to fit a front mount intercooler or something that completely changed the airflow through the factory cooling “stack” and reduced effectiveness of all the coolers in the vehicle.

We worked with CSF radiator to develop the “gateway mod” to big power on the transverse platform. On a stock car with just a tune and downpipes, this drop-in, direct-fit cooler brings back 40-45 Hp that is normally lost on a 70 degree day due to dreaded heat soak and excessive pressure drop that is all too common with the stock part.  By maintaining air density and octane tolerance, this mod gives you extra power without having to refill a bottle or tank and requires no maintenance.  We also included a drain plug to purge the intercooler of any condensation and oil vapor that may collect after several thousand miles of driving.

After 2 years of design and testing, we now have a product that exceeded our expectations for both flow and cooling capability. Get yours today and feel the difference all year round.


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Dimensions 39 × 21 × 14 in