2019-2021 Ford Ranger 2.3L Tuning

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The masterminds at GearHead tuning have done it again! Now offering upgraded SCT based tuning for your 2019-2021 Ford Ranger 2.3L, your toughest choice will be which track to run it down first! With the same efficient and reliable tuning, what are you waiting for?

PRIOR TO PURCHASE: Please note the compatible SCT options:

  • 7015 X4
  • 40490 BDX
  • 5015P Livewire TS+(Livewire TS+ devices produced before July 2018 most likely will not be able to work)

You MUST understand these options before purchasing tunes.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Stage 2 tuning requires an upgraded exhaust**


In Stock


GearHead is proud to offer tuning options for your 2019-2021 Ford Ranger 2.3L

GearHead Upgraded Raptor Turbos with Stage 2 tuning and exhaust
Stock, Stage 1, Stage 2                ALL runs on 93 Octane

**PLEASE NOTE: upgraded exhaust is NEEDED for stage 2 tuning**


GearHead Stage 1 tuning

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Stage 1 Custom Tune

None, Stage 1 Custom Tune

Stage 2 Custom Tune *exhaust needed*

None, Stage 2 Custom Tune, I Acknowledge That I Either Have or Will Get an Upgraded Exhaust